So, there I was, running my first campaign, after only 6 months of playing. We were playing ADnD2e at the time, and since Melvin had memorized every book there was on the Forgotten Realms, I decided to simply invent my own realms, with my own creations and stories. We were 30 minutes into my first adventure, when the party wanted to drink at the most popular joint in town. I recalled how popular the Copper Cup was in Waterdeep, and for the maiden voyage of my version of Waterdeep, I needed something that had a catchy name and a gimmick to call its own.

Thus the Half Mug tavern was born! For just a copper, you can have a half mug of the cheapest swill in the land, served to you in a mug that has been sliced in two vertically, with the liquid held in place by enchantments. The concept was a huge hit with my players, and so it became the place to gather in all my games. Over the years they have introduced Half Pitchers and animated Pony Kegs, fireproofed the stage, and opened in multiple cities to better serve the adventuring public.

Many a scheme was hatched in the shadows of the Half Mug, plenty of barmaids wenched, likely a barman too, and a fair amount of blood and song shed in the name of glory. What better place to share with you all that I have created over the years while also conspiring with you to create ever more to keep the adventure alive?

I have been playing and running Pathfinder games since the beta, with no plans to look back. While much of my content is rules neutral fluff, the content with crunch has been largely converted by now. My intent with this blog is to provide the larger player base with new content while showing new game masters the various inspirations and insights that have helped me to create fun and interesting content over the years. Additionally, I will be posting pieces of short fiction based around characters of mine to show players and GMs alike that a good backstory can help bring characters to life at the table.