About Me

I (Randal) have been gaming in the DnD/PFRPG space since the late 90s. I began to GM quickly after reading (and almost memorizing) the core books. My love of gaming began far earlier, though. I fell in love with both fantasy and sci-fi books as a kid, especially choose your own adventures. I would draw mazes with multiple floors and pits and ropes and doors and keys (long before I ever heard what an RPG or dungeon crawl was). King’s Quest and Space Quest were frequently played on my Tandy computer. The nail in the coffin, however, was playing Dragon Quest on my Nintendo, followed shortly thereafter by The Legend of Zelda. These two games likely account for the bulk of my love of Fantasy RPGs.

As I began developing my career, I knew early on that I wanted to build web sites and applications. I have been doing that (in various capacities) since ’99. During the rise of DnD Minis, I used these skills to build the DnD Minis Warband Builder, as well as a Dungeon Tiles Mapper tool. Since the creation of Pathfinder, all my game energy has been spent there, and so I now create web tools for my games that revolve around it. Created separately for different reasons, I am working towards consolidating my tools into one toolset that will be useable by all, from right here on my site.

While Elven Intrigue and Half Mug Tavern will be my RPG credentials, my professional credentials can be found at www.randaltmeyer.com.