Random Spellbook Generation

Years ago, while discussing the annoyance of creating random spellbooks for enemy wizards, my friends and I pondered a way to resolve it. When I started running Rise of the Runelords, I realized how truly annoying this task would become. I built this app to solve this problem for me and now that I have a blog, I felt that I should create a short tutorial.

The header is simple, with 3 icon buttons that are explained to you when you first load the app. The crossing arrows creates a completely random spellbook, using all available options. The repeat icon creates another book using the options used to create the last book (if you used options instead of random). The book icon opens up the options to create a book with more specific settings.

When creating a book via the settings/book icon, you are presented with options for class, level, and sources. You may leave class selection as random, or you may select the class manually. While not strictly a book caster, witch was recently included to help create a list of spells known for their familiar. (Other classes may be added in the future.) Choosing a wizard lets you also select a specialty and opposition schools. Caster level is pretty straight forward, choose 1 through 20. Selecting sources allows you to narrow down where the spells are selected from.

When viewing the spellbooks, you are presented with tabs for each book that use a 3 letter short code for the caster (Alc, Arc, Mag, Wit, Wiz) as well as a 3 letter short code for the Wizard specialties. The red trash can to the right will remove that book. Class (and specialty for wizard) are followed by opposed schools or patron. Page count, market value, and cost to create use the standard values from the Core Rule Book. Spells are listed by level (with a count of spells of that level) and then alphabetically. For wizards, spells of their specialty are italicized. For witches, the patron spells are italicized. Spells from a source other than the CRB have their source’s short code listed as a link, that shows a list of spell sources. (Currently, books do not persist between page loads but there will be changes in the future to save *and* export spellbooks.)


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