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2e Arcane Caster Musings

Playtest is well underway, and I have been seeing and hearing a lot of chatter about the non-core classes. Some people are complaining that they don’t want to play the new edition without their favorite non-core class. Some…

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2e GCP Playtest Breakdown

I listened to the first 4 episodes of the Glass Cannon Podcast playing the 2e playtest, and I took notes! The first two episodes I didn’t think to write down times, but I did for 3 and 4….

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Hybrid Class Speculation in 2e/Playtest

We now know: Core classes plus alchemist Archetypes are core Common mechanics/terms across classes Class feats 3 actions per round (+1 reaction) Spells have verbal actions Spells have somatic actions 10 spell levels Let’s look at the Magus…

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